Revolution (Film) -  produced by Jack O' Connell & made in San Francisco in 1967; released in 1968

Primarily filmed in the Hippie Hill and Panhandle areas of Golden Gate Park, this "60s San Francisco Hippie Scene" documentary features interviews with those who call themselves hippies, or identify with hippies. The counter-culture is revealed in discussions about sex, drugs, philosophy and lifestyle. 

Casual sex and marijuana use are the main activities of one group. A nun who has left the order reveals her decisions to join the counterculture. Others decry the dehumanization of the modern industrial world. 

Communal living, psychedelic light shows, love-ins and diverse fashion statements accompany the hippies. Discussions about the liberating effects of LSD and being a free spirit. Music by Country Joe & the Fish, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Steve Miller Band, Ace Of Cups and Mother Earth. Revolution! 

Songs In The Film (In Order Of Appearance).

01-Mother Earth - Revolution.
02-Steve Miller Band - Superbyrd.
03-Steve Miller Band - Your Old Lady.
04-Mother Earth - Stranger In My Own Home Town.
05-Country Joe & The Fish - I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin-To-Die Rag.
06-Dan Hicks - He Don't Care.
07-Quicksilver Messenger Service - Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You.
08-Country Joe & The Fish - The Masked Marauder.
09-Quicksilver Messenger Service - Codine.
10-Ace Of Cups - Stones.
11-Mother Earth - Without Love.
12-Country Joe & The Fish - Section 43.
13-Steve Miller Band - Mercury Blues.
14- ????.

The Opening Credits To The Original Film....



With Special Appearances by.

Herb Caen.
Ronnie Davis.
Lou Gottlies.
Dr. Kurt Hirschhorn.

and from the City of San Francisco: ELLIS D. SOX, Director of Public Health, A. BARRY DECKER Director of Clinical Psychiatry, Thomas J. CAHILL, Chief of Police.

Music by Country Joe & The Fish, Quicksilver Messenger Service,
The Steve Miller Band, 
Mother Earth, Dan Hicks, Ace Of Cups (not mentioned in opening credits).


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